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Advertise HereIf you have a business or organization that wants more exposure to people from around the world living in Thailand, then you should advertise on

Currently, this is the only website targeting expats living in Isaan, Thailand.  Expats from all around Isaan use this website to find businesses that are friendly to non-Thai people.

We have some requirements you must follow in order to be an advertiser on

  1. Your prices for expats or farrang must be the same or less than what you charge to Thai people.
  2. You must be honest and straight forward in all your business activities.
  3. Please have someone on staff who speaks English, or have someone easily available who speaks English that can help.
  4. Your products and/or services must be of the highest quality backed with a guarantee from your business.

Advertising Options:

  • Purchase ad space on one or more home pages.  A home page ad is always displayed while the user visits other pages within the website.
    • – Classified Ad Home page
    • – Forum Home page
  • Purchase ad space on one or more Categories on the website.  For instance, if the user clicks on the Restaurants and Bars link, your ad will be displayed at the top of the page which shows all the restaurants and bars.
  • Purchase ad space on one or more Boards on the website.  For instance, when a user clicks on the Visa board, your ad will be displayed while the user is looking at visa related posts.
  • Purchase a page on  A page is developed and listed under one or more categories.
  • Purchase ad space and a page.


Ad space is charged based on impressions and clicks.  An impression (CPI – Cost per Impression) is counted each time your ad is displayed on a page.  Clicks (CPC – Cost per Click) are counted each time a user clicks on your ad.

  • CPI price is 1 baht per 1,000 impressions; plus
  • CPC price is 1 baht per click
  • A web page is priced at 500 baht per month

All advertising is payable in advance.  CPI and CPC costs are deducted as they occur and tabulated at the end of each week.  When your deposit is nearing the end, we will contact you for additional money.  When your deposit is fully used, the ad will be cancelled.

Web pages must also be paid for in advance with a minimum of 3 months advance payment.

This may be a bit confusing, but it is a very typical website pricing model.  Please contact us for more information, and please do not hesitate to ask us to further explain anything that may not be clear.

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