Top Mansion Hotel Udon Thani


Top Mansion Hotel Udon Thani

Top Mansion Udon ThaniThe Top Mansion hotel Udon Thani is located on a street where most of the expat bars are.  The Top Mansion hotel is just a few steps from the Day and Night bar complex and around the corner from Nutty Place.

The standard room at the Top Mansion is  under 500 baht, and the deluxe room is under 600 baht.  The difference between the rooms is the fixtures.  They are the same size, but the deluxe room has nicer TV, tablet, closet, and bed.  They also have a suite with two bedrooms and baths.

This place is clean and has recently been upgraded with all new furnishings.  My friends and I usually stay here when we visit Udon Thani.

This is a very popular place to stay, so we recommend you call ahead for reservations 087-923-8383.Top Mansion Hotel Udon Thani Map


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