My Bar Sports Bar Khon Kaen


My Bar Sports Bar Khon Kaen

My Bar Sports Bar in Khon Kaen Thailand is located in the “farang” area of Khon Kaen,  There are a few bars in this area of Khon Kaen, and the My Bar Sports Bar is the largest.

My Bar serves breakfast beginning at 9:00 am each day, and they have a full western menu serving from 6:00 pm to close.  Along with western food, they also have a variety of Thai food.

The My Bar is one of the few farang or expat bars that has a variety of bar girls available for fun.  With their 2 pool tables, large screen TVs and large projector TV, and sexy bar girls, there is always a game going on at the My Bar.

On their western menu, the Pizza is a stand out, one of the best in Thailand, but not THE best.  They have a variety of good food available to satisfy your craving for anything but Thai food.  But, bring your Thai girl with you and she can order from the Thai menu.

My Bar offers free Wi-fi and a nice selection of music is always playing.

My Bar Sports Bar Khon Kaen Free Wifi

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