Phu Kratae Golf Club – Nakhon Phanom


Phu Kratae Golf Club

Phu Kratae Golf Club is located on the campus of Nakhon Phanom University – formally know as Nakhon Phanom Technical School.

This is a 9 hole course, which can be played twice for 18 holes.  Phu Kratae Golf Club is a walking course and has caddies available to help with your clubs and offer course management advice.  This course has rolling hills, and water traps include a lake, ponds, and streams.  The sand traps are poorly filled with hard sand, so you may want avoid messing up your sand wedge and drop onto the nearest grass spot.

Phu Kratae Golf Club is well groomed during the wet seasons, and tends to get dry and a little brown during the dry part of the year.  In addition to water and sand, other obstacles include trees in the middle of the fairways.

The clubhouse has some snacks, and during the busy season, another snack shack can be found at the 5th hole.

This course will challenge your game, and you’ll have a good time.  The caddies are pretty good, and some can speak some English.

The course can be accessed off the 22 roadway in Nakhon Phanom.

 Phu Kratae Golf in Nakhon Phanom Isaan Thailand

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