Khon Kaen Hotel


Khon Kaen Hotel

Khon Kaen Hotel, located in the heart of Khon Kaen, Thailand is a great place to stay while visiting Khon Kaen.  This hotel is elegantly decorated, and the service is second to none.  The rooms are clean and newly appointed with comfortable beds, flat screen TV with a variety of Thai and English channels.

The Khon Kaen Hotel is located just a few blocks from the farang bars, too far to walk, so grab a Tuk Tuk for a quick ride.

Reasonably priced rooms include a buffet breakfast – mostly Thai style, but the buffet also has eggs and they will cook up some scrambled eggs on request.

The Harem club is a spectacular show of sexy girls dancing with great music.  But, be sure to get a room on the 5th floor or above, or the music will keep you awake until 3:30 AM.

The girls in the Harem club are young college age girls who dance various routines as a group on the stage.  A constant barrage of sexy girls on the stage with each new music track.  There are also a couple of clear shower enclosures where a single girl will dance, usually top-less, for a great show. Plus as they leave the stage, you can invite one or more of them to sit with you and enjoy a drink.

An excellent restaurant serves three meals a day, which also services the room service menu, also has a Karaoke stage.  the Karaoke music is well organized with a loyal group of singers coming to the restaurant each night.

If you find companionship in Khon Kaen at one of the many bars, you can bring her back to this hotel without any issue or extra charge.

Here is a link to their web site –>Hotel Web Site

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