Eddie’s Sports Bar – Ban Dung

Eddies's Sport Bar - Ban Dung, Thailand

Eddie’s Sports Bar

Eddie’s Sports Bar in Ban Dung, Thailand, is a great place for expats and farang to hang out.  Located in the center of Ban Dung, Eddie’s Sports Bar offers food, beer, cocktails, big screen TV,  Free WiFi, and a pool table.

Eddie's Sports Bar Free Wifi

Food items include a variety of Western food including steak, pizza, hamburgers, pies, Sheppard’s pie, spaghetti, etc.  Basically a mix of American and English foods.  A true English breakfast is also available at Eddie’s.

Good service, good food, and beer – all that you need.  You can always find a variety of expats hanging out at Eddie’s, so stop by for some good conversation.

Eddies also has some food grocery items for sell which include some basic farang foods not found in the local store.

Eddie’s also has a golf group that meets and plays golf once a week.  Contact Eddie for more information.

You can always find a crowd sipping beer and shooting the shxt at Eddie’s

Here is a map to help find Eddie’s:

Eddie's Sports Bar Map

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