JB Place Hotel

JB Place - Ban Dueng, Thailand

JB Place Hotel in Ban Phaeng

Being located in just a rural area of Thailand, this hotel offers some nice western style amenities. In fact the only thing Thai about this hotel is the Thai style shower, which is just a shower head on the wall with no walls around it. If you do not pay attention to where the water is spraying, you will get the sink and toilet wet. Oh, I should also mention the very friendly and accommodating Thai staff. English is not spoken broadly in this part of Thailand, but the staff at the desk were able to communicate with me nitnoy. Plus, they have FREE WIFI internet connections in the rooms and lobby.

JB Place Free WiFi

JB Place serves a nice breakfast, which is included in the price of the room, plus they have a full menu for lunch and dinner. While it does not have a pool, it does have a fitness room. The rooms are spacious and clean. However, I recommend you sleep with mosquito repellent on your exposed skin.

The city of Ban Phaeng is close to a lake of water, which offers some nice surrounding restaurants, and some fun in the water. The downtown area has most of the typical stores, including a computer store and a internet cafe. Here is a link to their website –> JB Place Hotel

JB Place Map

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