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Isaan Expats helping Other Expats live more comfortably in Isaan

As Isaan expats, we travel around Isaan (Isan, Issan, Esan).  When we discover good bars, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that are expat/farang friendly, we get their information and add them to this website.  Only those places that we find are good, price effective, and friendly will be added.   The purpose of this website is to help Isaan expats living in Isaan to live better.

We have many good bars and restaurants that serve Western and European foods.  In addition, we have some service companies such as an attorney, and a website development company.    Golf is a favorite subject, and you’ll find a few courses in the Golf page. Ghost Dance

Doing business with other Isaan expats can help bridge any communication gaps, and benefit the financial status of our fellow expats.

The area of Isaan we are covering is mainly the North-Western part of Isaan.  Such as the provinces of Nakhon Phanom, Sakon Nakhon, Bueng Kan, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, etc.  Coming soon, we will include more areas of Isaan, and add more businesses.  Please feel free to contact us if you want your business added.

Also as part of this website, we have an Isaan forum website with discussions related to Isaan topics, such as rubber tree and palm tree farming.  We provide information about the costs of rubber tree farming, fertilizer recommendations, different types of tree, etc.  We also have some specific visa Rice Machinetopics related to the Isaan area.  We discuss locations for visa runs, any unique situations in Isaan that do not apply to the rest of Thailand.  This forum is growing and we invite anyone to add more information to the forum.

We also welcome your comments specific to each business.  Tell the community about your personal experience with the place, good or bad, give us your recommendations, suggestions, etc.